The search for an effective and inspiring exercise method is over

With the Fierce Grace Class System there is no need to trawl different sites to try and find classes that work together. We've spent 15 years doing all that for you by designing the Fierce Grace method.

Over 300 poses deliver every type of movement from yoga, deep stretch, fitness, physiotherapy, strength training, cardio and deep restorative relaxation. Carefully chosen foundation poses recur through all classes to ensure continuity, safety and fast progression.

Performing all the classes while favouring those that target your particular goals brings you the best of both worlds, the excitement of variety and the safety and progression of continuity.


High quality pre-recorded classes with our senior teachers, pre-recorded live-streamed classes, workshops, special events, and seminars wherever you are, on any device, in any time zone.

Practise precisely when suits you.
Pause the class, revisit it later.

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