What classes can I do on FG On Demand?

A variety of classes from the FG System and add on classes are currently available on the platform, in a mix of formats and time lengths, taught by a mix of expertly trained FG teachers.

Fierce Grace Method Full Length Classes – Enjoy our full main Fierce Grace classes for the full fat version of our offering. Professionally recorded and edited in HD, get the full studio experience you’ve been missing with On Demand classes filmed before the pandemic.

The 20/30 Min Collection – find shorter versions of FG Method Classes - all taught by FG Founder Michele Pernetta, demonstrated by some of your favourite FG teachers.

Recorded Livestreams – some of our best livestreams straight from FG teacher homes. Expect audio direction and expert demonstration.

FG Fitness - Classes that blend FG yoga with bootcamp, pilates and HIIT style training to keep your body and mind in peak condition.

We've also listed all FG System classes available by Class Name for easy browsing.

Workshops, extra classes, tutorials and additional content coming soon. Sign up to the FG newsletter on fiercegrace.com to keep up to date on the latest content releases.

I’m injured or recovering from an injury – what classes can I do?

Our yoga-physiotherapy class, Stiff, Old or Broken, is specifically designed to help those working with or recovering from injury. Please see the Fitness & Health section of our Terms & Conditions if you have any doubt over your fitness to practise.  

I’m pregnant - how shall I practice safely?

We recommend having been cleared by your specialist to perform yoga. We suggest you have a 30 minute one-to-one with one of our teachers trained in prenatal yoga, to go through the modifications on zoom, prior to attending the class so you can practice yoga with confidence and understanding of how to modify certain poses. The private session can be set up at a time that suits you. Please see the Fitness & Health section of our Terms & Conditions if you have any doubts.


How long does my membership last?

Membership to FGTV On Demand is charged monthly, unless cancelled. Your first payment will be taken 3 days after the free trial period. 

If you do not wish to continue with a paid subscription with us after your trial, you must cancel within your free trial period to avoid being charged. 

Can I cancel before the end of the free trial period?

Yes you can cancel before the free trial period and no payment will be taken.

How do I cancel my membership?

You’ll find the option to cancel your membership in the Billing section of your account dashboard. Select Change Plan and then Cancel Membership on the next screen.

How does Joint Membership work?

To find out more about how to sign up for Joint Membership of FGTV On Demand and Livestreaming click here.

Why do I need a different account for FGTV On Demand to my FG studio or live streaming membership?

Whilst still operated by Fierce Grace, our On Demand platform runs independently to your studio or FGTV Live Streaming account, and information is held separately so a separate account is needed to access our On Demand platform.

Who do I contact if I have a question about my membership?

For any questions or issues not covered in our FAQs please contact FGOD@fiercegrace.com